It is so wonderful that so many people are willing to think outside of themselves and help others.  I would like to donate and see that you have an address and email on your home page.  Thanks for doing this.    df
11/14/2011 03:08:01

I'm so grateful that I'm able to be a part of the fundraising for Zambia. I only wish I wasn't so busy at lunch every day with dance and math tutoring, so I could join the Zambia Club! The Barefoot Walk this year was incredibly fun. I met many terrific people while walking around barefoot, which I love to do! My friend had the brilliant idea to ask local businesses if they would keep fundraising jars near their cash registers, so we'll be doing that within a few weeks. =) Kate (the organizer) is such an amazing person, she started all of this up and is incredibly humble about it and her donations. I love that our school is making a difference, and it's so much fun to be a part of!

11/14/2011 03:26:08

I am very happy to have joined this group. Not only can you help others, but being in this group also gives you a chance to think "Outside of the box." This group has been a ongoing thing. It started off with only a few people knowing, but now it has spread all over the city. I am thankful to Kate, and all the others who have thought outside of themselves.

11/29/2011 01:18:04

Such an amazing cause!

Yeah you were crazy on that walk Bailey! I can't believe you walked the whole thing in barefeet!

I can't wait till the kids at the center are posting, I would love to chat with them!

12/7/2011 07:00:53

Hello everyone,

On behalf of everyone here, especially the Kids , I wise to thank you all for the support you are giving here at Yofoso.

Our wall fence will be completed this weekend and so much more will be done because of this fence.



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